Bellevue Kung Fu Instruction

Comprehensive Kung Fu Instruction for Martial Arts Enthusiasts in and around Bellevue, Washington

Kung Fu is a term that is used to describe a skill or skill set that is achieved or mastered after an immense amount of study and hard work, especially when it comes to martial arts instruction. While it is true that this art includes skills that pertain to optimizing and strengthening the body and self-defense, it also focuses on educating and training the mind, the body, and the spirit so that the participant is able to successfully grow in all the aspects of life. The Academy of Kempo Martial Arts facility is dedicated to maximizing the potential of each student. We closely follow the tradition of the Shaolin, as it pertains to Kung Fu. It is the various techniques, the high skill, and the unique philosophies of this uniquely respected tradition that has successfully trained individuals for the past fifteen centuries.

While there are numerous forms of media and a wide assortment of gyms that will teach you to grow physically and mentally; however, the Academy of Kempo Martial Arts will not only teach you to grow on these levels, but, will also teach you to grow on a spiritual level. You will receive personal and private training with an instructor that is dedicated to Kung Fu and martial arts, as well as one that is dedicated to bringing out your personal best. We have found that this type of training accelerates the learning process by 62%. In essence, this means that what takes the average person approximately six months to learn will only take you approximately two months to learn. While that seems like an immense amount of Kung Fu training in a short amount of time, we make it a priority to train at the pace that is most comfortable for you, as an individual.

We offer you a personal pre-evaluation that is designed to place you in the program that is best suited to your individual martial arts training and needs. This is a free service that is conducted at a pre-scheduled appointment. It will only take approximately fifteen minutes to determine which of our many martial arts and self-defense training programs are appropriate to you, your skill set, and your life. Once you have completed the evaluation, you will be invited to join the most appropriate trial program at our facility. This is a low-cost, two week program that offers you class training, a facility t-shirt, as well as pants for your martial arts training. We are so certain that you will enjoy this program that, once you elect to join our academy as a member, we will reimburse the original fee that you paid from the down payment to the facility.

The Academy of Kempo Martial Arts facility offers many forms of instruction, apart from Kung Fu. You may choose to take classes in Karate, Gung Fu, and even Judo and Aikido. You may elect to sign up for group training sessions, participate in comprehensive belt tests, learn about martial arts philosophies, engage in highly competitive tournaments, and engage in relaxing meditation sessions. By allowing our facility to train and educate you in Kung Fu,martial arts, and self-defense, you will experience higher levels of confidence, optimal physical fitness, extremely high stamina levels, and achieve relief from the stress that you experience on a day-to-day basis.

It is a fact that the specific origin associated with the martial arts continues to be elusive to historians; it is an art form that is highly respected. Fighting and self-defense styles have been passed through many generations and from various countries. As a result, we currently have a highly eclectic variety of martial arts programs available. Martial artsimprove self-defense, optimizes confidence levels, strengthens the body, and assists in improving combative success rates. By combining ethics, balance philosophies, exercises, breathing, intellect, and breathing, Kung Fu and other forms of martial arts offered at the Academy of Kempo Martial Arts facility will have you looking and feeling your best!


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